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Allyoucanlove is there for you. Whether you are looking for a good friendship, a nice chat or an exciting date, here you will find people who share the same interests. Discover quickly which matches are waiting for you.
Will you be having a date soon?
It starts with a nice conversation, but who knows, you might soon date one another... Allyoucanlove matches you with like-minded people. This is always anonymous. Register for free.
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Feel like a nice chat or do you want to continue that one conversation? You can use Allyoucanlove where and when it suits you. Via your mobile, tablet, laptop or PC, you can always use Allyoucanlove and the chat function anonymously at any time of the day.
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Your privacy is paramount. That is why Allyoucanlove protects the private data of all its members. Here you will meet your match(s) in a safe environment and your conversations will always be completely private. Also think of protecting privacy-sensitive information yourself. Never, for example, share account numbers or other confidential data.
  • Be cautious when sharing private data. Never give your address or contact details immediately, but use the secure chat function of Allyoucanlove to chat without any problems.
  • Provide a fully completed profile and do not forget to upload a nice picture of yourself! This way your profile is even better viewed. It is also extra useful because you can be matched based on your location.
  • Sending photos is fun, but be careful when sending nude photos. After all, you will have no control over where they end up afterwards.